CIRCE Management

Compliance | Innovation | Risk Management | Corporate Governance | Education

CIRCE Management offer advisory services in risk management, compliance, corporate governance and financial planning and work in real partnership with you to help grow your business in a sustainable way, optimise the risk-reward equation and protect your franchise.

We assist businesses looking either for temporary support to address a specific problematic, or on a continuous basis, from design through implementation of strategic plans and into monitoring of the outcomes.

We believe that good corporate governance is key for firms to deliver their strategic objectives in the long term and make their vision a reality. With our ability to understand the big picture, design simple solutions to solve complex problems and synthesise information in adequacy with the audience, we have become many firms’ valued partner.

We can demonstrate a track record in delivering change, as we have grasped the importance of people as key enabler to any successful transformation, aspect that we integrate systematically into our approach.

We also explore new concepts and technologies that can be leveraged to provide innovative solutions and assist firms in the assessment and implementation of new strategies, as well as to in crease the efficiency of some processes.

Our client base is mainly in the GCC and Europe in the Financial Services sector, with a growing demand from FinTechs and RegTechs.
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