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Risk Management

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Risk Management is a critical component of sound corporate governance. That is why it is critical to understand the culture of the firm and its risk appetite before running to deploy a set of tools. Managing risks is intrinsically part of doing business, not just an administrative task aiming to obtain the approval of the Risk Officer. It does not need to be sophisticated and complicated, and requires to put back the people aspect at its centre.

how much effort do you put into establishing the required culture in your firm?

have you considered using a scenario-based approach?

is your risk management focusing on reducing risks only and not so much on crystallising opportunities and striking the right risk-reward balance?

We partner with you to find the most appropriate approach to manage risk effectively. We look at your current framework holistically to establish solid foundations. We work with you to identify any potentail quick wins and design a longer term plan that will make a real difference to your business.